This easy-care plant is so beautiful and uncommon, I had no idea how much I would instantly need one the moment I first saw one!


The long, pliable green stems are speckled with red spots and pairs of stunningly veined leaves gracefully spaced out along them. The undersides of the leaves are a gorgeously deep red with yellow stripes, giving this plant its nickname the Zebra Lipstick Vine.


These large specimens are instant impact for any space due to their considerable size, some vines have measured at 45cm and the pot itself is 17cm diameter and very full!


This plant is pretty straight-forward in its care - It likes bright, indirect light but it can handle some direct sun each day. They do enjoy higher humidity, so a bathroom or spot near a humidifier might be preferable as this plant grows as an epiphyte in its natural tropical environments, such as Thailand and Malaysia. This also means it likes a medium temperature, but the average household should be adequate for its needs. 


This will be a special plant in your collection for years to come and the envy of your planty friends!


Aeschynanthus marmoratus 'Black Pagoda Lipstick Vine'

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  • Large


    Pot - 17cm Diameter


    Length - upto 45cm (not including hanger)

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