If you've been struggling to justify the space for your plant shopping we might just have the answer - These tiny baby plants are the cutest thing! Great as gifts and even better as a pick-me-up treat when your bank account is looking sparse! All of our Baby Plants are home grown by us and raised with individual care!


Philodendrons are an everlasting favourite genus between beginners and pros alike! Their ease of care and gorgeous looks make them a perfect choice every time.


These plants have velvet textured leaves and pink stems, offsetting the copper tones of new leaves in a show-stopping display!


They will live in most lighting and temperate conditions so don't worry about finding a place to keep them happy!


They enjoy being watered once the soil has had a chance to dry out but baby plants always need a little more watering as they develop (unless you're keeping your baby plants in a high humidity environment) x


Pot Size - 6.8cm diameter x 6cm height

Baby P. Micans


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