Small Twisted Aroid Substrate
  • Small Twisted Aroid Substrate

    Premixed for your convenience, easily enough for two 10cm pots.
    Each bag contains Aprox 3L bag. 
    If you are purchasing rooted cuttings from us now or in the future, or just want to repot something special such as rare aroids, it can help to know you're potting it up into a mix that has been designed to drain fast yet still hold moisture & is enriched with just the right amount of organic matter 👌
    We use a mixture of:
    🔹high fibre compost 🔹 sphagnum moss🔹pine bark 🔹seramis 🔹coir🔹charcoal particles 🔹 
    Which all work together to promote growth and give a loose home for the roots the stretch through 🌿Without becoming overly wet or sticky 😕
    The powdered charcoal helps prevent root rot, and the moss holds moisture and creates a looser substrate, whilst also drying out easily and preventing the possibility of "wet feet" 👣 . And pine bark is a popular choice for humidity loving roots such as orchids and philodendrons, supportive but easily pushed aside as the plant grows.
    3L bag. 

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