Air Plants are back! 


Super easy to care for and perfect as gifts, these adorable plants are fascinating and beautiful. Using their powdery foliage to absorb moisture from the air around them, they survive with no roots or a pot to live in.


You can pick them up and move them anywhere you like, as long as they get indirect light and EITHER a weekly soaking in water or a thorough misting every couple of days.

After either of these options, allow the plant to dry out properly inside and out before replacing it in its home or it could be prone to rotting from the inside. An easy way to prevent this is by leaving the airplant placed upside down to drip dry for a couple of hours.


Grab one of these cuties today and soon you'll have your new plant to join in with #OnWednesdaysWePlantPink !





Tillandsia - Ionantha

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